METAKAPSULE can best be described as a movement and a think-tank; a  community of Metaverse experts building our version of the matrix and creating events with a focus on “Edutainment” (education and entertainment)

With METAKAPSULE, B2B enterprises can now future-proof their customer engagement strategies, as the customer gets to choose the specific experience venue they prefer, rather than having to impose a one-size-fits-all technology on users.

Our movement allows the Meta community to use the METAVERSE as a means to build collaboration and partnership amongst customers, as well as between companies and customers.

By doing this, we’re bridging the physical to digital worlds with web 3.0

We’re not re-inventing the wheel, but we’re re-engineering mindsets to be able to coexist in an alternate universe we call the METAVERSE!

The Phygital

Importance of "Digital"
in the "Physical" world

The importance of the digital world is that it opens the door to new business opportunities and revenue streams, enabling the creation of new products and services.

The Phygital world bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. 

The purpose is to bring the best parts of the physical customer experience into the digital realm, and vice versa.

AI by Metakapsule

METAKAPSULE is an innovative concept that enables companies to take advantage of digital technologies to create a more efficient, secure and agile business. It works by integrating different digital systems into a single platform, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of managing multiple systems. This platform also provides companies with a unified view of their data and processes, allowing them to gain better insights into their operations. Additionally, METAKAPSULE provides companies with the ability to automate their processes and develop new services and products faster than ever before. Finally, it helps companies to manage their data more effectively, ensuring that their information remains secure and compliant with applicable regulations.


Our Mission

To build a digitally trusted world.

Our Vision

To lead the digital transformation era and the decentralized hospitality industry while creating an efficient META community.

Strategic Advisory

Value Proposition

To give a meaning to the design for diversity framework that will leverage rich and
immersive experiences, and flip the business model allowing communities to share
the economic benefits they rap from the virtual world they helped create.


We are “METAPRENEURS” who are looking to be the right bridge to your digital world, aiming to facilitate our customer’s journey and exceed their expectations!

The Initiator



Moh is an experienced business leader and strategic advisor in the MENA region with a solid proven track record of executing global development and expansion strategies.

He is dedicated to working with and bridging strategic partners and creative entrepreneurs, ensuring he is not only an extension of their company with a full understanding of their vision and objectives, but also a trusted advisor committed to delivering quality, excellence, and sustainable success, every step of the way.

His mission and attitude:

“On a mission to re-engineer mindsets and create an impact on humanity!”



Mega DAO is a Polygon blockchain-based metaverse experience built to introduce social media users and the world’s most active global communities to the decentralized metaverse. Megaverse is the cornerstone of the wider Mega DAO Ecosystem, which incorporates MegaFi, Mega NFTs, Mega VR, and Mega Builder. Megaverse’s mission is to accelerate this transition and bring the future forward.

Megaverse is a metaverse infrastructure platform using the latest technology alongside in-house developed innovative solutions to provide a hyper-realistic experience for our community of users and provide a new universe of possibilities where users can own land, buy or rent the villa of their dreams, ride helicopters and fly like a bird, as well as play games.


Providing the safest place in the Metaverse for children to learn, grow and explore both within a classroom environment and at home. Deliver a safe, trusted, and fun Metaverse learning experience for children.

Providing the safest place in the Metaverse for children to learn, grow and explore both within a classroom environment and at home. Deliver a safe, trusted, and fun Metaverse learning experience for children.


Hotels by Hotel NFT

The “Decentralized Autonomous Hotel” is a new form of hospitality. An all-inclusive variety of sustainable travel destinations built on the Web 3.0 protocol, connecting partners via brands, operators, Hotel NFTs, collectors & travelers.

A global collection of one million rooms built around boutique hotel brands delivering an unrivaled, healthier people and planet guest experience.

Food & Beverages by BrandPortunity Hospitality Consultancy

Creating the Metaverse restaurant experience in the most advanced Meta-Design world.

The UAE’s leading innovative and intelligent hospitality consultancy with an impressive solution-driven mindset; managed by passionate experts’food retailers and designers in the hospitality sectors; focused on creating food & beverage brands, as well as opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, and operators, leading them on a successful journey.

Wellness by OLIVEX Fitness Metaverse

Making wellness and fitness the center of consumers’ minds by better engaging people and placing them at the forefront of business and government strategies around the globe.

Leading the way by creating the first ever fitness metaverse, the first-ever blockchain “run for reward”: audio game and are the creators of the fitness metaverse utility token. Possessing a strong strategic partnership with Animoca brands, OliveX is ahead of the competition and at the center of the three most exciting industries on the planet, combining fitness, gaming, and blockchain all in one place.


Real Estate by Ayana holding

Virtual real estate is parcels of land in the Megaverse that are programmable spaces where people can socialize, play games, sell NFTs, attend meetings, go to virtual concerts, and partake in countless other virtual activities. Creators can monetize the content of their property by charging for access or trading their NFTs.

Ayana Holding focuses on building a network of powerful companies on a global level. With robust financial, operational, and strategic experience, the group has the resources, global capacity, and know-how to continuously transcend borders, boundaries, and benchmarks, resulting in high-growth businesses that disrupt industries and have a meaningful impact on the world.


Exclusive events by Sensorium Galaxy

The aim is to create a diversified community of VIK (Very Important Kapsulers), through organizing weekly/monthly networking events, connecting business people and creating business opportunities, and building futuristic and promising projects.

This digital Metaverse consists of a Halo, a many-worlds space, and three celestial bodies that feed it with cosmic energies. The Sensorium Galaxy community other human civilization the credentials of the highest status: having passed the activation program in the digital metaverse, participants complete their Digital Evolution and gain Digital Immortality.


Digital Art by V-ART

Known as NFT, this rapidly growing technology and digital art market may not revolutionize the culture but will certainly significantly impact the algorithms by which today’s art scene operates. Galleries, museums, artists, and the whole traditional world of art are being transformed, adapting more and more to new digital realities.

Simply, it is a platform to experience, collect & sell digital art, offering a wild range of products: Exhibition & projects, AR/VR Gallery, and V-art ap.

Fashion Tech by Altava Group

The real world and the virtual. We bring brands into the metaverse through our platforms and access to others, offering them virtual spaces to share stories. A place where they can feature their digitized collections in a branded and fully customizable environment.

Style is highly valued at Altava Group, as we recognize the significant impact that clothing can have. Fashion is not seen as a superficial pursuit, and rather as a means of transformation. Through our advance technological capabilities and vast network within the fashion industry, we strive to make the exclusive world of fashion more accessible and inclusive. Our tecnolgies are designed to be interoperable, allowing for seamless integration between physical and virtual experience.



The evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain is on the continuous rise, and consumers require more understanding and advice to get familiarized with its functionality and investment challenges. ‑e currency world is being transformed digitally and progressively paper currency will no longer be needed.

A crypto Think Tank, with a mission to bring advocacy with a scientific approach to crypto and blockchain. GMRA or GM Research and Advisor is seeking to address one noticeable issue that exists and are preventing individuals and the company from understanding, investing, and being aware of the risks associated with crypto and blockchain.

Web3 intelligence by MegaBrainX

The future of Web3 intelligence is bright, as more and more organizations and individuals are recognizing the benefits of decentralization, security, and automation. Web3 is expected to revolutionize many industries, such as finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and more, by creating new business models, reducing costs, and increasing transparency and trust. Overall, Web3 intelligence has the potential to transform the web and create new opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and value creation. As the technology continues to mature and evolve, we can expect to see even more exciting developments and use cases in the years to come.

MegaBrainX aims to equip individuals who are venturing into the Web3 arena with the necessary knowledge and tools to bring their ideas to fruition and create beneficial impact. Through diligent monitoring of the Web3 ecosystem and data processing, MegaBrainX provides valuable resources and services that assist both individuals and institutions in making progress with the Web3 realm.

Digital Architecture NFT Marketplace

Digital architecture NFTs are growing fast, and the demand is increasing in the Marketplace. ‑e NFTs are a disruptive thing at the moment with impressive innovation in the digital architecture world.

MetaProps is the world leading & dedicated digital architecture NFT marketplace which is currently under development. MetaProps other high-quality Architects &designers in the NFT world. In addition, the services are diversified to offering powerful filter tools, the best source of NFT’s digital architecture.

Real estate blockchain by FIBREE

It is the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise, and a leading international network for exchanging knowledge between the real estate industry, the IT sector, and blockchain technology.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2018 with the aim of bringing together real estate professionals and blockchain specialists from all over the world to exchange expertise. In a world that is increasingly impacted by technology, real estate processes will have to change too. Blockchain technology is just one, but possibly a crucial aspect of this change.

Digital Marketing by Slayers

The future of digital marketing is bright, and this is because there is now more market consumer awareness. Businesses can also use a wide range of smart tools to collect an ocean of data and make in-depth analyses of their target audiences, offering a completely new way to approach them.

A marketing agency with deep expertise in strategy and branding managed by a team of experts passionate about new projects and hungry for ambitious tasks.

Branding by Prestidge Group

Personal branding highly matters to become a thorough leader within your industry and globally well-recognized in Ted talks or other podcast events.

A global personal branding agency specializing in corporate communications, publicity, media production, and social media management. Operating in Dubai, New York, London, and Riyadh. The voice of an impressive portfolio of business and government leaders, emerging technology experts, strategists, and celebrities, we specialize in engaging online-offline personal brands and corporate narratives.

NFT by Signvm.io

NFT’s abbreviation stands for “non-fungible token”. There are no two NFTs that are equal. Each item has a predetermined value that may or may not match another item. Creating an exclusive piece of work and adding it to the NFT chain can help you increase the value of the work by making it an NFT design. ‑at simple.

SIGNVM is born from a strong desire to co-build with the most advanced blockchain, crypto & Defi companies in the world and improve their brand leadership, representing the most advanced, innovative, and disruptive companies that are ready to break the rules. At SIGNVM, We work hard, We play hard.

3D by CGSMediaz

The 3D printing is futuristic. It can produce different objects without creating specific tooling or even using several tools. It is how 3D printing helps increase flexibility.

The UAE’s leading company in 3D VFX, Virtual reality, 3D series, and Hologram, with over 20 years of experience based on European standards.



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